April started with a bang

So the weekend commencing 6/7th April was an extremely busy one for me. It started with an early morning occasion make up for a very lovely regular client Trina in crawley on the Saturday morning. . I then travelled to East grinstead to the lovely Sarah’s house for her bridal party and her hair and make up. Sarah had booked me via her sister Katherines recommendation.

I had done Katherine’s bridal hair and make up a few years back now and had also don her hair for her birthday party a few months previous. When i done Sarah’s trial she explained to me the wedding was beauty and the beast themed so she wanted a half up half down with a flower plait at the back. For make up she wanted something quite glam using glitter. Sarah had a small party with 2 bridesmaids having hair and make up but Katherine wanted her hair done as did her daughter but as it was a 3pm wedding i got my lovely partner in crime laura to assist me by doing the 4 hair whilst i did the make up. The morning sped by and with lot’s of children in the house so did get a bit hectic and quite loud home away from home for me lol. Sarah’s dress looked amazing on her and was very elegant. Sarah got married at East court in East grisnstead and had her reception there to. Flowers were by the lovely Rachel at budding sensations and looked amazing. After the wedding i then don a trial for the lovely Katy’s wedding which is on 25th may this year. I wish sarah and her new hubby a wonderful future together was an honour being part of it all and i am sure i will see you again at some point.

So after a manic Saturday My Alarm went off at 5am on sunday 7th April As i had Tanya’s wedding to do.

Tanya had only booked me a month before her wedding at K2 wedding fair. We only done Tanya’s trial 2 weeks before and tanya was unsure what look she wanted so we tried 2 hair looks and 2 make up looks. In the end we decided half up half down for the hair and soft pinks for the make up.

The wedding was a 12pm wedding so quite early hence the early start at South lodge in horsham. Laura had 6 hair todo so had a very busy morning Where i only done brides hair and make up and 2 other make up so a fairly easy morning for me. Tanya and her husband had literally organised everything in 4 months and are also having a traditional indian wedding in india in july too so she had a lot on. But did get a pre wedding pamper with me as i done her nails toes and a mini facial on friday. Anyway the wedding morning went super fast and was very busy and tany was very nervous but we finished bang on time but turned out the groom was running late. Men hay they only have to have a shower and get dressed.

Tanya looked amazing and her dress was just stunning very much a princess. After the wedding i had the lovely Monica in for her may wedding trial.

After that weekend myself and laura were shattered But that week something exciting had happened and i had signed a lease for a new beauty room so spent the rest of the weekend decorating the new salon blog about that to follow but for now here is the lovely tanya many congratulations to her and her new hubby and good luck for the july wedding.

Thanks for reading guys more blogs to follow as iam a tad behind atm as so busy catch up soon


The very lovely Clair’s wedding at Hartsfield Monor Betchworth

When clair and her husband to be got in touch with picture passions photography back in october 2018 my lovely husband instantly asked if they had sorted hair, To which the answer was no. So we arranged a meet to go through things.

Clair and her other half travelled from wiltshire to meet us. This is where they lived but had found hartsfield manor on line and loved it and even though it was a fair way to come they decided this was the place to marry.

Having met myself and Dominic and our 4 children made them instantly want to book us both which they did.

next issue was a trial well i have travelled for weddings but never that far for a trial but clair had to come down a few weeks later to sort a few details with the venue. So she booked the betchworth suite where we did the Bridal trials. Clair also decided to book in her nails the day before the wedding which we done the night before at hartsfield manor.

The morning of 30th march came it was a beautifully sunny morning. i got to work at 7.30 and done the 3 bridesmaids hair. then started on the bride at around 10. At the trial clair decided on a style with curls with a bit of height and small amount up. And clairs hair piece was just stunning.

the morning went really quick and soon it was time for the dress Clair had been very calm up to this point but then the nerves kicked in. But once she was in her dress and ready to go she soon calmed down,

The day went really well and all involved were lovely and clairs dress with a delicate pink undertone looked amazing on her. Just have to wait for the husband to do the pro pics but for now here is one i too of clair.

what a pleasure it was to be part of such a lovely day and i really hope clair and kevin have the best future together.

thanks for dropping by guys catch up soon


The Beautiful Emma’s wedding at highly Manor

Recently All my weddings have been in clusters 2 or 3 in one weekend then a few weekend breaks. But this weekend just past being the 23rd march i had the 1 wedding. But this one really kicked off my wedding season.

Emma booked myself after she met me at the hawth wedding fayre back in January 2018. I met Emma for her trial at her house and we got on like a house on fire both having son’s of around the same age and also emma studied hair and beauty around the same time as me so lot’s to talk about.

We agreed on a half up half down do because that made Emma feel her most comfortable. Emma also wanted quite natural but a tad enhanced make up to what she normally did on a daily basis.

On the 23rd March i arrived at Highly Manor in balcombe west sussex at 8 am in the morning. I was met by Emma’s step father who kindly helped me up to the bridal suite. Everyone was quite excited and happy. I prepped the brides hair by pin curling it to help set the style and make it last all day. After this i set to and done the 3 bridesmaids and mum’s make up. Whilst my lovely assistant Laura helped by doing the 3 bridesmaids hair and mums hair. Whilst laura finished off i set about doing the brides make up.

On the trial Emma had opted for strip lashes but decided to go for lash extensions for her day that looked fab. For make up i prepped the brides skin using tropic product’s and an urban decay primer. I used Urban decay naked no 1 pallet and Charlotte tillbury for the eyes. Then Airbase airbrush foundation for the foundation a little hi lighter and blush by benefit and an estee lauder pink lipstick. giving emma a lovely natural look with a lovely glow

I then set about finishing off Emma’s hair i took down the pin curls which had set lovely. I then back combed the top to give a bit of height. and attached the hair vine as a tiara as emma did not want anything too big. Emma’s hair took really well and i always find it helps to set and prep the hair first as it makes hair easier to work with and last longer. it really did create the perfect look.

Then came the exciting moment of the bride getting in to her dress and all i can say is wow the dress was just stunning it suited Emma really well and made the whole look come together. once the bride was in her dress and i had attached the veil it was time to leave. It had been the most wonderful morning and everything had gone to plan so well.

I received a lovely review from Emma the next day with a lovely thank you to myself and Laura for helping out on her big day

I would like to wish Emma and her new husband a very happy marriage and wish them well for the future and thanks for letting me be a small part of your big day.

Thanks for stopping by guys catch up next week for my next blog


2 very lovely brides over the same weekend on a very windy weekend in March

The weekend of the 9th/10th March was extremely Busy. Especially as i was working the night before till around 9pm. As i had one of my brides for April in for a sienna x tan for her hen do and the a very lovely past bride in for a set of gel polish.

The next day on the 9th and up I awoke fairly early at 6.30am to a very sunny morning but rather cold and blustery. At around 7.45 I hit the road to Kenley in Surrey to find the lovely Michelle and get her ready for her big day. Michelle had been recommended me on facebook and booked only about a month before her wedding so we had to fit in a trial asap. I must say we got on so well right from the start to chatting over facebook to meeting for her trial. Michelle being a mummy of 3 and working knew exactly where I was coming from and i understood straight away what she wanted from her wedding hair and makeup. Michelle wanted an elegant updo and very natural makeup which we achieved at the trial and she was very happy. My self and my other lovely lady Laura who I work alongside a lot arrived at Michelle’s house just before 8.30am. i set about prepping the bride’s hair ready to be put up whilst Laura done the bridesmaids hair. Michelle went for a very elegant updo with height at the top achieved by backcombing i had pre curled the brides hair and then i put it up in a lovely looped low bun at the back. Laura once she had finished the bridesmaids hair left and i done her make up. After finishing the bridesmaids make up i started prepping the brides skin ready for make up i used the amazing urban decay primer and airbrush foundation. I used a combination of charlotte tillbury and the urban decay naked pallet on the eye’s. I also used hi beam by benefit with a little bit of blush on the cheeks and cannoball urban decay mascara Michelle chose just mascara and no lashes. Plus a very nice natural lip color. The bride then got in to her gorgeous dress before i attached her veil. to which i used 8 pins to do as it was very windy outside. Micelle then set off to Leatherhead Registry office for her 2.15pm wedding. I want to thank Michelle very much for choosing me to be part of her big day and i wish her and her hubby a very happy future together along with their amazing children.

After finishing off with Michelle i popped home for some lunch and the went a and saw a future bride Kirsty for her trial Blog will follow in June

Sunday morning came round very fast as i did not get home till 5.30pm Saturday. Again a very early 6.30 am start and headed out the door at 8am and headed to haywards heath in west sussex to do Sophie’s hair.

Sophie again found me Via Facebook and i met her a few weeks before Christmas to do her trial. Sophie decided on a half up half down with curls and height for her big day. On the day Sophie’s 3 gorgeous children were with her hubby to be so she was very chilled and relaxed. I only had her Sophie’s hair to do so a very nice easy day. I again prepped the brides hair and curled it and pinned it up to set i then back combed the top and gave sophie a lovely amount of height in her hair and we used her sisters head band in her hair that she had on her wedding day. Sophie had her friend do her make up so i had a bit of a sit down before getting Sophie in to her dress which i ended up doing up. Something i seem to do on a regular basis now.

Sophie looked amazing and got married at 11am and told me despite it being another very windy day her hair stayed perfect as did her cathedral length veil that i placed in using 8 pins again. Congratulations to sophie and her new husband and 3 very cute children hope you have a fantastic family moon together.

And that was it for that weekend i went home and spent the rest of the day with my family Ahead of a very busy week of more trial nails and a lot of other work.

This weekend was very busy but i had to very lovely brides that made my job very easy to do and a big privilege being part of both.

Many thanks for reading and catch up soon


February wedding weekend

This time of year is all ways very quiet on the wedding front i normally only get 1 possibly 2 booking’s Bookings. So we normally take our holiday over half term week which we booked again last year. So with the holiday booked, i scrubbed my date’s out in my Diary last January. I then did the Crawley wedding Fair T the K2 mid-February last year. I had a very lovely chat to a potential Bride named Hannah we got on like a house on fire and just clicked such a nice lady. Then came the issue her wedding was booked at the Ravenswood for next Feb half term week on Thursday. So I took the decision That we would go to Bognor Regis and I would drive back on Hannah’s wedding day. The morning of Hannah’s wedding came i was up at 6 am to drive to the venue and i knew it was going to be a lovely day when there was the most spectacular sunrise. I arrived at the venue and started on the bridesmaids one of them said to me i wish i had you for my wedding and another immediately took my number for future bookings. I then started Hannah’s make up. Hannah was quite particular about the look she wanted and with a combination of airbase Charlotte Tilbury and Urban Decay i Achieved the most glamorous look for Hannah. And she looked truly amazing. I received a lovely e mail 24 hrs later saying how happy she was and that she had kept the eye make up on overnight. Many congratulations To Hannah and her new Husband .

We Cam home from Holiday on the Friday and i was straight back to work with a set of nails in the afternoon for another past bride Debbie. And to bed early Friday night as i had 2 weddings on Saturday and a special occasion hair and make up to do

The First Wedding for Saturday was the lovely Sarah. Sarah had booked Me at the Ravenswood Wedding open Evening back in November> Again i had 4 make up to do 2 bridesmaid and Sarah’s mum Finishing with the Bride. Sarah wanted a fairly natural look so we went for airbase airbrushed make up and again a gorgeous Charlotte Tillbury pallet for the eye’s Sarah was very pleased with the look and told me she loved the way she looked. Being a 12 o clock wedding we had the bride finished by 10.45am and ready to go. Sarah married at worth church in crawley then Had her Reception at the Ravenswood Sharpethorne after. Congratulations Sarah i hope you had an amazing day and i wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness.

I Then managed to squeeze in a quick lunch break before heading over to Copthorne To my next Bride Ciara. I was doing hair and make up for this lovely lady and we had agreed on a quite glamorous look for make up using creams and lilac for the eyes which was a combination of urban decay naked 1 and an estee Lauder pallet and of course some lovely false lashes. I pin curled the hair first then done the make up. To Ciara’s hair down and created a lovely looped bun using a donut spounge under the hair to give more volume. Ciara and her hubby married at crawley registry office at 5pm and then went on to the barn in horsham for their reception. And i received a really lovely review the next day because Ciara was so pleased with both hair and make up. Congratulations i wish you and your husband the best future together.

So to my final job of the weekend. I headed off to Reigate manor where i done the lovely Caroline’s hair and make up for a charity ball. Caroline is a past bride and also run’s CJ’s party hire they do venue decorating and much more check them out they have amazing deals and prices. Anyway i done caroline a very elegant bun and some glam make up. She loved it and was so lovely having a good catch up. Day done at 6.30pm home at 6.45pm and shattered 12 hour day saturday and a long day thursday time for a nice couple of day’s break before next weekend’s trials and the crawley wedding fair sunday.

Thanks for stopping by guys catch up soon