The following questions answer the most popular queries I get and also go some way to giving you some knowledge of what is involved in hair and make up services.

Are there any additional costs?

Very normally what I quote is what I charge. This can alter if you decide to add more people or change what you or they were having. The only way unforeseen costs would be added is if I have any direct costs incurred as a result of servicing your wedding or special occasion. This can come from something as simple as not having any parking at your venue other than paid parking. The cost of that parking will be added to the bill.

Is the deposit refundable?

The only way the deposit would be refundable is if something went wrong from my end, like I ended up in hospital and couldn’t fulfill your appointment, then you would get everything back. If a cancellation comes from your end, for whatever reason, then the deposit is not refundable at all.

Can I Cancel?

Yes, of course you can. But I kindly request that you do so as soon as you can because then I can open what was your appointment to others. The only thing to remember is that the deposit is non refundable.

Will you hold my date?

I will give a couple of days grace on a booking but I won’t give any more than a week. I have to protect the interests of my homelife. I have a husband, who works as a wedding photographer, and we have three kids who depend on us to keep them clothed, fed and have a roof above their heads. We can only do this by taking work. If after a few days I have heard nothing back from you and someone else enquires about your date and pays the deposit then I have to accept it for the good of our livelihood. This may sound harsh, but not being able to provide for our family through holding out for someone who ends up not hiring us is worse.

What is the trial for?

The trial is there to be able to run through a few ideas and see what you like and what suits you for your big day.

One thing I will advise is if you don’t like what has been done, please please please do speak up, tell me, I really won’t be offended. On the odd occasion I have had people leave me saying they are happy and yet you can see they are not sure. If you talk to me we can solve the issue, alter whats been done and get you the hairstyle you really do like.

It’s very rare that this happens but usually its down to someone not liking whats been done in the trial simply because it doesn’t suit them or it’s not what they are used to compared to how they wear their hair in day to day life and not because I have done a bad job.

You may very well have seen a particular hairstyle in a magazine or on the internet and thought “Yep, thats the one for me” and yet once it has been done in the trial you’ve not liked it. Don’t be disappointed because that’s the whole point of the trial, it gives us the perfect opportunity to refine it to the point that you are really happy with it and so on your wedding day you won’t get disappointed, you’ll be the princess you always wanted to be.

How long is a trial?

A trial would normally last for about an hour and a half to three hours per person. The reason it can be this long is purely down to how quickly we find the right hairstyle for you, which is why it is best to only do the bride at a trial. If the bridesmaids wish to have a trial then it would be better to do it on a separate appointment.

Should I wash my hair on the day?

This may sound gross, but generally the answer is no. This does depend to some degree on what hairstyle you are going for but complicated hairstyles will stay in far longer and better in hair that hasn’t been washed on the day.

Do it the night before if you have to, but I would request that you do it no later than midday the day before.

This really does just give the hairstyle you want some longevity and will give you great value for money, and will leave you looking fab from the ceremony right through to the 1st Dance.

What time do we need to start on the day?

This of course depends on the number of girls having hair and make up and the time of the wedding, but my aim is to have you all ready by about an hour before the wedding so that you have time to get in your dresses and have pictures done with your photographer before heading off to the ceremony.

To give you an idea, if your wedding is a 2pm wedding and the bride and three bridesmaids are all having hair and make up then a reasonable starting time would be 7am as each girl, depending on exactly how complicated the hairstyle is, would need an hour and a half.

But if you didn’t want to start that early or your group of girls is larger than the 4 in the example above, then I can always bring along a colleague to take care of the make up whilst I did the hair.

Are you insured?

Yes I am.

I am covered by Salon Gold who cover me to work in my salon or on location. I am covered with Pro levels of Public Liability and Indemnities.

Please make sure who ever you enquire with can say the same as insurance is vitally important.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes I do. I have two Airbrush machines just in case one happens to malfunction and I have plenty of make up from all manner of high quality brands.

On the hair side of things I have more than enough straighteners, wands, curlers to ensure I don’t have a problem should one go wrong.

How long does the Airbrush make up last?

Airbrush make up lasts up to 18 hours without faltering. It gives a completely flawless look and it smudgeproof and waterproof so should emotions get the better of you your make up will remain intact.

Was what you wanted to ask not in the frequently asked questions? Fear not, drop me a message with your question and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.