Well this is me!

My name is Claire, and I'm hugely passionate about all that I do, and take an immense amount of pride from being able to work with many people on many occasions and leave them feeling spectacular about themselves.

That pride and passion doesn't limit itself to my work-life, its very relevant to my home-life to. As much as I'm a full time hair and beauty therapist I'm also a full time wife and mum.

My husband and 4 children are my world and I love them to bits. Yeah its a struggle to juggle it all, but its a worthwhile challenge and one that I enjoy. 

Films and music also grab my attention away from work, with films like the Marvel super hero's or the usual romantic comedies titles ranking highest, or if I'm lucky getting tickets to go and see Bon Jovi live yet again......though his latest CD will do just fine to.

I'm also a soap addict, with Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale being completely non miss-able.