At A Brush With Elegance we have your big day completely covered!

Whether its bridal prep in the week leading up to the big day, or the big day itself for Hair, Make Up or both.

The bridal prep we can supply in those last few crucial days leading into the wedding can be Nails(Manicure/Pedicure), Brows, Lashes, Spray Tan, Facials, etc etc.........and you can even have a lovely relaxing massage to ease away the pre wedding worries and stresses. Check out the salon page to see everything we do and a pricelist to.

Also ahead of the wedding day will be the Bridal Trial.....sounds harsh, but its the important run through of what you would like for your hair or make up (or both!) and a chance for us all to get it right. 

It's that time where we get to put into reality the vision you were having, for how you might want things to be, but its also the time to experiment with other styles if the one you had in mind doesn't quite work for you.......and thats why its called a trial as you get to trial a few out if the main vision doesn't quite fit the bill.

For the big day itself we will come to you, wherever your wedding may be, or wherever you are getting ready. Sure, we do have the salon and that's where your trial will be, but we will always travel to you on the wedding day unless you wish to get ready at the salon.

We cater for both hair and make up, but you don't have to use us for both. You can have one or the other, or both, the choice is yours.

With the hair we can do all kinds of styles. All up, half up half down, all down, braids and plaits, curly or straight, you name it we've probably done it.

Our main stylist Claire has been in the hair industry since she was 18 and has progressed into wedding hair around 10 years ago. Since then she has done the hair for what must be over 600 brides. Her experience and skill level are incredibly high.

With the make up we offer two kinds. Traditional, which is based around the foundations of regular make up, which is applied in the usual manner of brushes and make up pads. 

Then there is the modern and flawless look of Airbrush make up which is far lighter in feel, to the point you won't know you have any foundation on, yet because it is evenly air sprayed on, its coverage is complete and flawless, and it will last the rigours of the day, or more as many brides have reported, unlike regular make up which can be less robust. 

As you may have noticed I keep using the word "We" and thats because its not just me. I have a professional, dedicated and loyal team who work with me on wedding days where the workload is to much for just one person. I am very happy to say I have Sophie & Polly who are awesome at what they do and will be a huge asset to your wedding day experience.