My salon is based at 36 Brighton Road, Salfords, Surrey, RH1 5BX

At the salon I can cater for all kinds of beauty needs, from nails, manicures, pedicures, lashes, brows, waxes, spray tans, massages, microdermabrasions and the salon is even licensed to perform semi permanent make up, anti wrinkle injections, dermaplaning and microblading.

I am blessed and privileged to be able to say I have the most wonderful set of girls working in the salon, all fully qualified in what they do, all wonderful people and all add to the experience, ambience and atmosphere of the salon.

Emma, Anoushka, Sally and myself are based at the salon, along with Ellie our Saturday girl who helps with the running of the place on our busiest days, as well as Abbi who comes in to do Anti Wrinkle appointments. 

The salon was obviously closed during the lockdowns whilst we responsibly followed the government guidelines, and now all the restrictions have gone we will continue to work safely and maintain a clean, sanitised working environment and take care to remain responsible going forward. 

We hugely appreciated it that all our loyal and loving customers supported us in our efforts to follow the rules whilst in the salon which ensured everyone's safety was a priority, and if going forward you still wish to wear a mask etc then by all means please do so.

Regular Salon Hours  are shown below.

Mon - Fri 9am-6pm 
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sundays and Mon-Fri outside of the above hours are  By Appointment Only.

Also, we mainly work via appointment only at all times, however we will accept walk ins if we have space in the appointments to accommodate you.

There may also be times where the salon is shut, even during the hours we show as being open. This will be because we have no appointments booked in at that time, or we may have needed to pop out and do the school run.

If you do ever find the salon to be closed during our shown open hours then please do call on 07894 007469.