Sarah’s Wedding

Hi All

This is my first Blog it will only be a short one.

I am going to write a blog each weekend about the weddings I do, so this one is about Sarah’s wedding.

Last weekend was a very quiet one in wedding terms for me as I only had one to do and was only doing make up. I was employed by the lovely Sarah who had also taken on Picture Passions my lovely husbands Photography Company. Sarah is a very lovely lady and is very into her pole fitness and I have to say I have never encountered such energetic ladies and very excited ones too.

Saturday 17th May was the wedding date very very hot day and I arrived to a bride and bridesmaids and lots of Whoop Whoops. I was working alongside Sarah’s Mum who is a hairdresser and was doing the bride and bridesmaid’s hair. Everything ran completely to plan and all the ladies looked stunning.

And I have to say I had terrible hay fever that day so I was very glad to get home at a lovely reasonable time and put my feet up.

So it’s now on to the next weekend where I have three weddings to do!

Catch you all later



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